Version 0.3 is available

The update continues to improve node materials generations.

  • Update execution engine (node materials now 6x times faster)
  • Added zoom in node editor
  • Added 'enum' type for input paramenters

New nodes added:

  • Tile sampler - tile-pattern generating node. It is useful for creating man-made procedural patterns, with additional control over certain parameters driven by external input maps.
  • Blend - allow to blends or mix two separate inputs. Its functionality is similar to having two layers above one another in a photo editor, that blend together by the blending mode you set on the top layer.
  • Transform2d - node allows to scale, rotate, tile, and change proportions of an input. This is an extremely useful and widely applied node, it allows for increasing tiling, removing tiling, placing an image in a specific position, stretching or squashing an input, etc.
  • Boolean math nodes.