Version 0.17 released.

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that version 0.17 has been released. In this update, we have made and major internal update of our node material engine. In addition to this, we added several math nodes.

Download Agama Materials v0.17

Gradient node realisation.

It's an intermediate released without big amount of new features, but we made a very important upgrade our internal engine. Now our nodes compiled into shaders SPIR-V. It’s speedup our node materials calculation, so we are no longer limited by choosing fast but hardcoded custom nodes and flexible but not-so-fast custom complex nodes.

During the process of implementation of new nodes compilator we added a lot of new math nodes, which help us to create new complex nodes:

  • Sin
  • Cos
  • Fract
  • Floor
  • Ceil

And as cherry on the cake, we have added color picker in materials custom attribute parameter: