Version 0.9 is available

In this update, we have made a major node workflow update. As well, we have added different shapes in the node editor's 3D view and added HDRI support.

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Feature list:

  • Non-uniform nodes are a new great addition to our workflow. In combination with automatic texture-type deduction, it provides a new level of flexibility and control. Each node with numerical parameters now can take them as textures. That way you can control each pixel separately on each step of the material calculation. We also made support for float point textures. It means values of your grayscale texture and color components of your RGBA texture are no longer limited to the 0..1 range. It provides native HDR texture support and enables more complex per-pixel math operations.
  • HDRI - now you can load and change HDRI maps in the node editor and the painter. As a standard library, we got several examples from Great thanks to Greg Zaal for his awesome site.
  • Different shapes for the 3D View - we have upgraded our default shape, and also you can choose cube, sphere, cylinder, or 2D view for the result view.
  • Help link
  • New nodes. We continue to add new nodes. In the update, we add Luminance and Invert nodes.