Version 0.8 is available

Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that version 0.8 has been released. The new update is focused on the Fill nodes family and compatibility. Also, we have added several new useful nodes based on community requests.

Fill nodes:

We made fill nodes family, it's an advanced set of effects that allow you to get a lot of variations of different effects. Fill node family consists of basic Fill node and 6 different effects: Fill to gradient, Fill to bbox size, Fill to position, Fill to color, Fill to random color, Fill mapper.

Other new nodes:

  • Distance node - creates an outward linear fade (gradient) from any pixels in the input max over 0 grayscale value.
  • Histogram scan node - provides an intuitive way to remap the contrast and brightness of input grayscale images.
  • Histogram range node - reduce and/or move the range of a grayscale input.
  • Polygon node - Generates a polygon shape, with many options for adjustment.
  • Checker node - generate checker pattern.
  • White noise node - generate simple noise pattern.

Compatibility updates:

  • Directx support
  • Windows 7/8 support